D.C. Memo: What the president meant to say was


Sam Brodey You can get the D.C. Memo delivered to your inbox on Thursdays. Sign up here.This week in Washington, the President sought to fend off questions of his mental acuity by holding an open-to-the-press negotiating session with members of Congress, in which he contradicted himself and also agreed with everybody. Thankfully, we learned he’s off work by 6, like most of us who are also not the de facto leader of the free world.This week in WashingtonGood afternoon from Washington. Your big story this week from the Capitol is immigration: specifically, the Democrats’ effort to find a long-term solution for the Dreamers — the 800,000-some undocumented immigrants brought here as children — and the Republicans’ effort to get something...

D.C. Memo: What the president meant to say was

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